mepuls systeme mesure par ultrasons automatique CND
  • Ultrasonic system measurement

  • Embedded System

  • Automated Measurement

  • Retractable

  • Contactless

  • Productivity

  • Setting and maintaining optimized

  • Machine tools Environment

The thickness measurement is independent of the accuracy of the axes of machine tools.

The system operates in a working environment (chips, machining oil, interferences ...)

The interface allows to manage a multi-spindle system.


Ultrasonic technology 10-15 MHZ in immersion
Coupling Homogeneous liquid (water, cutting lubricant..)
Power Embedded system : 3.7V batteries
Communication system 220V AC
Thickness measurement min 1 mm
Thickness measurement max 20 mm (for other dimensions on request)
Resolution 1 µm
Wireless communication system Transmitter / receiver, Zigbee 2.4 Ghz
Receiver box communicating with NC RS232; E/S; Profibus/Ethernet …..
System on / off Automatic
mepuls vlb systemes mesure automatique ultrasons
mepuls vlb systemes mesure automatique ultrasons


  • Mepuls-Airbus-Tandem-panneau
  • Machine-Toulouse-Mepuls
  • realisation1
  • Mepuls-SF-Surf
  • Mepuls-Tandem

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