The area of all-digital in the engineering sector currently generates an increasing need for automation of manufacturing processes. This dynamic leads to a need for innovative devices and integrated tools to machines. Intelligent devices, able to communicate, assist, measure. The aim of the company VLB is to develop, commercialize and produce measurement devices embedded on CNC Machine Tools. We have developed a thickness measurement system capable of performing ultrasonic measurement automatically without interrupting the production cycle and may introduce corrections to obtain the proper thickness machining.


Sud-Ouest Systeme and Proconcept are cooperating for many years to install automatic measurements of tools on CNC Machine Tools have combined their expertise developed the Mepuls responding to a request from the aviation sector. Philippe Verlet officer of Proconcept and Jean-Luc Baleydier officer of Sud-Ouest Systeme have personally led this development and developed the Mepuls system (thickness measurement by ultrasonic waves). This product is designed to equip the Numerical Control Machine Tools of large size used for the aeronautical, nuclear, steel, armaments, subcontracting ...

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Philippe Verlet

VLM Robotics

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+335 57 15 27 11

Activity VLM is a digital robotic layout Company. Thanks to its manager’s extensive experience in aeronautics and machine tool, VLM digitized and mechanized the stone’s transformation process. VLM developed and mechanized a concept that uses robots as a productive tool for digitized manufacturing.

Bruno Sady

Technical Assistance